No rules. Just duels. Come be a kid with us again!

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 The Story: No rules. Just duels.

MARTY is a live action short film set in the 1800s Wild West World inhabited by only children. The Krimson Kids led by One Eyed Johnny are on a rampage enslaving innocent children while searching for sugarcoated riches across Cavity County. One day, they cross paths with Marty, kidnapping his love, Dee, in the process. Marty must rise up to rescue her as well as all the missing children of the West. Can this one-boy-army stand up to this band of bullies to bring order to the West? Or will he succumb to fear and let Johnny have his way? Welcome to a Wild West Neverland…No rules. Just duels.

This film is fun, gritty, and in-your-face explosive. And although the subject is fictional, we want to explore real life themes that challenge the integrity and morals of growing up.

The Inspiration: We were all Marty once.

Whether your childhood was full of sunshine or worry free, we all probably had a dark moment or dark thoughts that made us realize life is more than fun and games. In our young worlds we felt the pain of imagination, fear of the unknown, and at times forced to face realities of the real world. This film is aiming to bring those complexities of being a child to life. Remember playing games with your friends and losing? Remember the fear of a new school or a new group of classmates? Remember the time you were picked on and embarrassed in front of other peers? These little anxieties are childhood’s blocked memories. With this film we confront those anxieties with courage and bravery, to settle this conflict once and for all.

The Location: A Desert Playground

Run by Peter and Maureen, Whitehorse Ranch has been used in many short and feature films. It is complete with props and buildings such as a saloon, bank, gallows, blacksmith, armory, general store, and chapel to name a few. We plan to turn the ranch into a bustling Sugarville and allow the kids to live in a dusty, fantasy world. For four days it will be the kids’ sandbox and our film set from dusk ’til dawn.

We have secured this location and it is readily available to us, if we are successfully funded. Check out some photos below and on our website!

 The Filmmakers

Vu Hoang – Director, Writer - His project, Marty, was inspired by Sigor Ros’ music videos and derives from his own childhood. He hopes this project can take you on an epic journey back to when you were once a kid facing the harsh realities of growing up while embracing the joy along the way. Vu is a professional director and editor with over 10 years of experience in narrative films, music videos, commercials, and sports. He has had an “Aéropostale” commercial play in Times Square and was also chosen as a Vimeo Staff Pick for his music video “Love Drama.”

Chris Guanzon – Writer, Producer – Chris is the visionary team member who dumped his unconventional and bold ideas onto paper. Vu approached Chris with the Marty idea a year ago which has exponentially grown into reality since. As a student, Chris produced a handful of projects and film festivals at USC that have received praise from fellow filmmakers and industry professionals. Chris graduated from the USC School of Cinematic Arts realizing his filmmaking strengths in producing, cinematography, editing, and writing. As a writer for Marty, Chris took on the challenge to utilize his favorite genre, the American Western, and infuse a nostalgic twist for a greater test of his filmmaking capabilities.

Jason Hampton - Producer – Having worked in the film industry for almost a decade, and on projects such as Nobility, Phantom Halo, Devil’s In the Details, Ashley, Paradox Alice, The Olivia Experiment, Neighbors, K-town Cowboys and WMD, Jason brings a wide range of experience to every project.  Jason has had a fascination for film production, and an avid fan of media in general.This interest has led him to start a Facebook group (Freelance Filmmakers) that is dedicated to film production gigs, building our professional and social network, and film related content.

 The Budget


Movies cost money and we have spent countless hours budgeting and prepping this film. The $25,000 goal is the bare minimum we need to make Marty happen. Many people come together to make a film come to life through hours of preparation, labor, and love. Below we explain the major costs we will go through for the production of Marty.

Cast & Crew – For many on this project, making movies is their job. From actors to visual effects, we plan to pay them for their talents, dedication, and equipment.

Costume & Props – Since Marty is a time piece set in the 1800s Wild West, costumes will need to be rented and tailored to the cast of children. In addition, some of our props will be handmade including toy horses and the popguns.

Transportation, Gas, Lodging – Our Location is 150 miles away from Los Angeles, CA. We plan to reimburse drivers and lodge main cast and crew on location. We want to take care of everyone and make sure they are well rested for the 4-day shoot.

Location – Whitehorse Ranch is a real western town built from the ground up. They are supplied with an eating area and ample parking. Not to mention a variety of authentic props set up all over the set. We are going to transform the ranch into Sugarville for Marty’s world.

Post-production – After the film is shot and wrapped, our editors, composers, sound mixers, and sound designers will piece together the film before sending it off to film festivals.

Kickstarter – They designed this platform for people like us! They earned their cut!

Contingency – Murphy’s Law: Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. This is that little pool of money we have on the side to get us out of sticky situations not necessarily involving lollipops or kids.

Funders and Rewards

You are the most important part of the film! Without you Marty cannot happen. We have compiled an awesome tier of rewards to give you the best bang for your buck! We range fromname credits to Marty memorabilia and private screenings to copies of the completed movie or even one-of-a-kind products used in the film! There is something for everyone! Take a look!

Donating – Donating on Kickstarter is easy! You just need a valid credit card and an email address to get all of our updates. Kickstarter will not charge your account until the campaign finishes successfully about a month later. Your donations are merely pledges at first so help us reach our goal as soon as you can! If we don’t reach our goal, we get nothing at all! We need all the help we can get! :)

Getting the word out is crucial to success. We are a short film with lots of logistics including period costumes, on location shooting, stunts and action. If you cannot donate to the cause a simple share of our Kickstarter link, a Facebook or Instagram, or shout out on your social media or good ol’ word of mouth would introduce us into a whole new network of people!

***Kickstarter Video Credits***

-> Producers: Vu Hoang, Chris Guanzon, Jason Hampton

-> Intro voice-over: Billy Epps

-> Visual effects: Josh Peschka

-> Editor: Vu Hoang

-> Cinematographer: Andy Huynh

-> Boom Operator: Victor Pham

Risks and challenges

The biggest risk is not being prepared for the scale of the project. Since Marty is being filmed 150 miles from Los Angeles, there are lots of logistics that go into making it run smoothly: transporting a cast of around 30 children, dressing and blocking actors, feeding cast and crew, setting up scenes with full use of the daylight. Our solution is time management and task delegation. Every week our crew grows and we tackle every little detail preparing for the big shoot this summer.

Working with children is another challenge: they are fragile, fickle, and of course young. We plan on working with the kids beforehand to make sure that we arrive on set prepared and ready to film. We will schedule table reads, blocked rehearsals, costume fittings, camera tests, and just plain enjoyable, fun meetings for the talent and crew involved.

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