MARTY is set in a vast, desert world of 1853 inhabited by only children. The Krimson Kids, led by One Eyed Johnny, are on a rampage enslaving innocent children while searching for sugarcoated riches across Cavity County. One day, they cross paths with Marty, kidnapping his love, Dee, in the process. Marty must rise up to rescue her as well as all the missing children of the West. Can this one-boy-army stand up to this band of bullies to bring order to the West? Or will he succumb to fear and let Johnny have his way?

Marty played by Reid Miller

Marty is a boy whose passion for justice and respect creates a hero for the child world. He is more of a wimp when we are first introduced to him. Eventually, he becomes the hero that does not give up, especially when it comes to his young love, Dee. Not only does he vow to find her, his goals stretch beyond love as he risks his life to free all the captured children from the Krimson Kids. Can Marty step up to become the hero they need or will he fall to the Krimson Kids brutality?

Dee played by Shae Smolik

Dee is a petite girl that always has a smile on her face. Her demeanor is hopeful and her dedication to protect her Marty is unequivocal. In the film she is used as a catalyst to Johnny’s demise. Dee and Marty have a history of playing pretend, and, in the end could be a strength in beating a ruthless gang.

Johnny played by Jonah Hwang

A ruthless bully and leader at heart, Johnny is the kid that likes to rule and make hell out of people’s lives. Though he is a small kid, he rules with physical force and mean words. He is energetic and intellectual: candy is his drug and is always eating some kind of sugar. There are stories about his missing eye. Most think it was lost during a duel with another kid. Of course, the kid was never heard of again thereafter but to this day Johnny always tries to avoid duels.